The House system occupies a prominent position in the field of co-curricular activities, which are organized in a healthy competitive spirit. Each student is allotted a particular House at the time of admission and he / she continues his / her loyalty to the house during his / her stay in the school. It helps the students to learn great ideals of self discipline, democratic, leadership, loyalty and belongingness to the institution. The school is presently divided into four houses.

Name of the House & House In-charge:
1) Kingfisher House (Yellow) Ms. Anju Singh
2) Peacock House (Green) Ms. Sushma Sood
3) Robin House (Red) Ms. Monika Mahajan
4) Nightingale House (Blue) Ms.Niharika Singh

To involve the students into smooth running of the school each house is put on weekly duty by rotation. The working house on duty is evaluated by the Principal and is given points on the weekly performance. These points are added to the points secured by the House in different activities to adjudge the over all position. Negative marks are also given for acts of commission and omission. The house on duty has to carry out the following responsibilities:

Conducting morning assembly including thought for the day, news and a short talk

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