A day filled with loads of surprises, joys and celebrations was organized by class IX for the out going Class X.

 While parting songs surcharges everyone with emotions, many fun filled activities kept the party tempo up. From the ramp walk, Cheena Babu and Balpreet Kaur were adjudged Mr. GTBPS & Ms. GTBPS.


Mr. GTBPS – Cheena Babu
Ms. GTBPS – Balpreet Kaur


Treasure hunt by class X and Bhangra by boys and girls of class IX stole the show. 20160225_140518 20160225_141253 20160225_141549_1 20160225_144615 20160225_144629 20160225_144749 C360_2016-02-25-23-15-44-769 C360_2016-02-26-12-38-13-757 C360_2016-02-26-12-40-00-630 C360_2016-02-26-12-40-30-367 DSC00884 DSC00885 DSC00896 DSC00901 DSC00903 IMG_20160225_133535 IMG_20160225_131951894 IMG_20160225_133040809 IMG_20160225_133042900

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